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[NEW!!!]S-ULTRA.Sens NDUV Gas Module
Type: S-ULTRA.Sens
Measurement Gas: SO2,NO2,NO
Accuracy: 1% FS
Response time: ~3s
Warm-up time: 30min
Linearity error: 1% FS
Input flow: (0.2-1)L/min(Flow change≤0.5L/min)

The gas analysis based on the NDUV techniques is a well-known method to determine the concentration

in complex gas mixtures. The ULTRA.sens module uses modern optical components to achieve

optimized analyzer results. We use a special LED/EDL-Technology in order to get stable radiation

emission. The result is a high resolution gas analysis system which can detect gas concentration changes

of less than 1ppm .

The entire structure can be disassembled to make the maintenance/service easier. The different devices are sealed with O-Ring joining. The stainless steel sample cell is coated with a protection layer.

The length is 100mm. For the combined detection of NO, NO2 and SO2 three different light sources are




• Response time, t90   < 3 s

• No cross talk to H2O

• Rugged sensor design

• Demountable construction

• Gas tight O-Ring sealing

• Different Interfaces (RS 232, CANopen)

• MARS Software (Control and data logging)

Gas and Range:

NO:   0-300 ppm / 0-3000 ppm

NO2: 0-100 ppm / 0-2000 ppm

SO2:   0-100 ppm / 0-2000 ppm


- Zero Emmission CEMS

- Automobile exhaust gas


Linearity :   ±1%   F.S. (Full Scale)

Repeatability:   <1% F.S.

Barometric pressure influence:   ± 0.015% / mbar

Zero point stability:   ±1% F.S./day

Span drift:   ± 1% F.S./ month

Detection limit (3ˑσ):   < 0.5% of span

Operating Temperature:   15-45°C

Temperature influence zero : < 1% F.S./10K

Temperature influence span : < 1% F.S./10K

Operating pressure:   800-1200 hPa

Permissible gas flow:   0.2-1l/min.

Influence of gas flow:   <0.5% F.S.     

Response time : t90 < 3 s

Warmup time:   30 Minutes  

Storage Temperature: -10°C up to 70°C

Power supply:   24VDC

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