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NEW!!! Revolutionary Multi-gas Module
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NEW!!! Revolutionary Multi-gas Module
Type: S-MODULE Silarex
Accuracy: 1% FS
Response time: 8s@0.7l/min
Warm-up time: ≤ 2min
Resolution: 1ppm...0.1Vol.-%
Linearity error: 1% FS
Input flow: 0.2~1L/min
Output signal: Modbus ASCII/RTU auto baud/auto frame
Work Temp.: 10℃~40℃
Air pressure: 800 ~ 1150mBar
Humidity: 0% RH~95% RH
Power: 24 VDC

NEW!!! Revolutionary Multi-gas Module S-MODULE Silarex


S-MODULE Silarex is multi-gas module which used NDIR technology, can make accurate quantitative analysis and calculate the concentration value by detecting the absorption spectrum of gas.  This module can detect multiple gas at the same time and remove the impact of interference gas. Our products has reached the highest standards of accuracy, reliability and efficiency and can be used to different application.


Gas combination example: CO/CO2, SO2/NO/CO2

Below is the gas interference test result of these two modules:


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