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Portable compressor cooler GS-7001
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Portable compressor cooler GS-7001
Type: GS-7001

Intelligent gas pretreatment device

SIGAS GS-7001 are online and  portable gas pretreatment system which is necessary for online gas measurement system. For industry area, we use this product to reduce and make stable humidity, to insure the stable gas measurement value.

GTL heat exchange technology

Gas Tornado Laminae is patent technology to reach 36m/s dry speed. Together high effective peristaltic pump to fulfill cooler requirement under 7N/min gas flow. Standard version offer -10℃...-35℃ dry Temp. and cooler capacity 320-410W.

Increase 25% system capacity

with double channel heat exchange and peristaltic pump the cooler use micro channel to exchange the heat, to insure the heat well-distributed around heat tube, to increase 25% system capacity.

Human computer interaction unit

use industry level display to make HCI unit easy to handle. It fulfill IP54 standard.

Filter system

The filter system of this product is modularization parts which can filter 10μm-0.01μm Solid suspended particulate and 99.99% Dissolved colloid. We use PTFE material for filter. The ceramics material is option.

Data control system

Industry level MDU with high speed calculation and intelligent control ability, which can control and calculate 8-128 single parts.


24V 300VA

Max.inlet dew point120℃Power cable


Gas inlet Temp.300℃Weight⩽13KG
Max. gas flow800NL/h4.7“ 16K display
Channel24 push button operation with internal program
Gas ConnectorDN 4/6Alu housing with IP45
Condensate connecotrDN 4/6Can use 3 GF filter or alarm
Condensate outlet flow0.5NL/hPump GU 2002 as option
Gas inlet flow7.3NL/h 0barDraw-off pump GU 200 as option, Max. flow is 10Nl/h
Filter2μmGN2001 as internal power, use 220V
Environment-10℃-55℃,<95%RHGN2002 as outside power, use 220V
Warm up time⩽ 10minPower connector with round type


300 x 260 x 550mmRS485 output signal with round connector

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