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Photoacoustic: Trace gas measurement Technology

Photoacoustic Trace gas meausrement technology  is an innovative spectrum analysis method, which is different to tranditional infra-red technology. This method transfer effective spectrum into acoustic signal, and assemble this acoustic signal through high sensitive microphone, with this signal the gas concentration will be calculated.

Because of special optics construction, acoustic signal assemble method and precise signal calculated process,  photoacoustic technology became an effective way to asseble weak opto-acoustic signal and prevent background signal interference. It is an innovated technology special suitable for trace gas concentration measurement in complicated situation.

SIGAS developed photoacoustic trace gas analyzer using non-interfere black body radiation as light source, integrated with filer and chopper to produce modulated spectral data. Under resonator configured high sensitive microphone to measure sound signal which transferred from optic signal. The gas concentration will be calculated through sound signal which proportional to gas concentration.

To assemble acoustic signal we use silicon microphone. The traditional electret condenser microphone has no good power repression ability an even tiny power change can cause noise. The traditional electret condenser microphone can not only assemble acoustic signal, but also other vibration signal because of it’s construction. It can change the vibration signal into low frequence, which can be mainly noise signal in vibration measurement situation. Silicon microphone use silicon membrane to measure acoustic pressure. There is an A/D converter integrated, which makes the microphone digital output. Compare with traditional electret condenser microphone, silicon microphone has higher sensitivity and wider dynamic range which is between 100-10KHz, because of it’s higher acoustic pressure level and integrated pre-amplifier. It has less distortion, which is <1% (in 1KHz,500mV p-p); Vibration sensitivity < 1dB. Besides, silicon microphone has prefect anti-electromagnetic interference, very low sensitivity of humidity and temperature change.


SIGAS Photoacoustic device has following advantages:

+  Professional trace gas measurement less than 5ppm

+  Supports self-calibration by ambient air

+  use acoustic signal for calculating concentration, less interference

+  integrated infrared H2O detector, effective prevent humidity interference

+  integrates pump and automatic valve control up to 3 sample points

+  Effective prevent humidity interference: Integrated infra-red H2O detector for real-time calculation

+  Effective prevent Temp. interference: Photoacoustic module heated to 50℃

+  Effective prevent other gas interference: Calculated with acoustic signal to gas concentration

SIGAS Photoacoustic device SPTr-GAS®ANALYZER shows high linearity was evaluated over the standard gas range of  0.5 … 40ppm with an R2 = 0.997

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